Large-Scale Mowing

Is Your Property Turning Into a Jungle?

Get brush removal and mowing services in Brookeland & Lufkin, TX or surrounding areas

When you're responsible for a lot of land, keeping the brush from overgrowing is a challenge. Instead of spending all of your free time mowing, turn to Smith Equipment Services, LLC. We offer brush removal and mowing services in the Brookeland & Lufkin, TX area.

We use a heavy-duty mower to cut trees and shrubs down to size as often as you need. We'll help you keep your area healthy and appealing, whether you have a small yard or several acres.

Schedule brush removal or mowing services today. We're based in Brookeland, TX and travel up to 250 miles.

Get professional help with any size property

Get professional help with any size property

An ordinary lawn mower won’t be able to cut brush that’s grown out of control. You won’t have to worry when you hire Smith Equipment Services. We can…

  • Trim grass to the length you want
  • Use rough cut mowing to bring tall grass and weeds down to size
  • Clear out brush entirely to give you a clean slate

Mowing is also a more environmentally friendly way to clear a large property. Make an appointment for large-scale rough cut mowing or brush removal by calling 409-594-9033 today.